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Monday, January 10, 2011


 Yesterday was the last day the 'bulls' got to be out with the cows, so after last nights milking TJL took B1 out and put him in with B2.  Originally both B1 and B2 were in with the cows, but we had to separate them as they were fighting.  Having spent the last 18 months together, we figured they would be fine being back together now no females were involved.  We were wrong.  Some time in the early hours, while TJL was milking (and I was sleeping), B1 and B2 had a fight, smashed the fence down, and B2 decided to 'explore the neighbourhood'.  I must admit, living in an area that is ALL dairy farms, the only worry was if a vehicle hit him, no real worries that the human residents of the area would be terribly scared of a Jersey Bull, unlike if he was in a city *cue screaming residents here*.

 The result of two bulls fighting, three broken posts - the fence had no chance

 Yep, they created a bit of work for TJL, and the neighbours, as we 'hunted' B2 down.

 TJL digging a post hole, to replace the smashed one

 B2 was found and had gone in this direction.  I got to stand, and wait.  I wasn't too sure how far away he was (apparently around 2kms).  And wait.  And wait.

 Then I finally heard the motorbikes, and B2 bellowing, and out he popped from the neighbours driveway

 TJL and the boss brought B2 along the road and up to our driveway (where I was positioned to turn him into his paddock).  He did attempt to go up the boss' driveway, boss yelled 'you're not bl**dy going in there' and so down he came further to our place

 And into our place he trundled, bellowing most of the way

 Safe and sound back in his paddock, he proceeded to tell the entire neighbourhood about his adventures.

 He then settled back into his paddock

 Had a bit of a dust bath

And made right with the world.  He is such a HANDSOME fellow, I'd love to give him a cuddle, but I don't think he'd appreciate it.  Since his return he has had a couple of big sleeps, must have been quite an adventure for him.  Funny how last night I asked TJL if we should close the road gate but I could not explain my reasoning - note to self - 'next time listen to 'your gut', it's actually God having a whisper in your ear!

After these fun time adventures I finally decided to make my first ever strawberry jam.  Ummmmmm.  Most of my jamming strawberries were now mouldy!  Argh!  So I just used what I had.

Cut and then slightly mushed strawberries

Same weight in sugar

Give 'em a bit of a stir

Boil around 10 minutes (I did only about 6 minutes as I was paranoid they would burn)

Prep the only 5 jars you have, just incase ...
Find out you only have 3/4 of a jar worth. 

Have yet to taste test it, shall have it on toast tomorrow, I am so looking forward to it!  Hmmmmmm jam!

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