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Sunday, January 09, 2011


 I brought up the idea of adoption (from Russia) up with TJL this morning, and he was totally open to it, so I am going to try and put my 'big girl pants' on tomorrow and phone CYFS (the Government organisation that deals with all the guff in NZ - bonus of being a teeny tiny country, options are limited, usually down to one ... lol) and see if they can send me out some information.  I have a strong dislike of using the telephone, hence the need for 'big girl pants'!  I can access a lot of information on the internet, so I think I might just be getting the ball rolling.  I have not exactly given up on having our own, but time is ticking and if I don't get onto adoption soon then the adoption clock might run out too.

Of course now I have been kind of given the go-ahead (surely by now TJL knows that I am likely to become obsessed with the idea, so he should not give me any inkling to progress with something unless he is sure he wants me too), my mind is full.  I want three (TJL would prefer two).  My reason for wanting three is to do with a) chances are we would get them sooner and, more importantly, b) hopefully it would mean a bit less trauma flying around the world with strangers you are going to be living with.  It would be like a wee built in support system.   Ages would be around 7, 4, and 2 (as they they would fit in with their cousins (7 of them aged 7 to 1 currently)).  And Russia, because they would 'look like us', which I think would make it easier on them at school etc.  Told you, obsessed already!

Anyhow, tonight we went to TJL's nieces 6th birthday.  C turns 6 tomorrow.  TJL's sister has 4 children.  At one point she had 4 children under 5.  If you are looking for your fertility, I think TJL's sister has it.  I'm guessing that she has mine!  Lol!
Birthday girl C

Next one down, G

Number three, Big Boy J

And the baby of the family, S

A good time was had by all, and I am glad that I FINALLY got some photos of TJL's nieces and nephews.  I do have INTENSE guilt that our home is covered in my nieces and nephews pictures and only have one set of TJL's

Lord, please give me the strength and courage to phone CYFS tomorrow.  Please continue to guide TJL and I on whichever journey you have chosen for us.  Thank you for our continued blessings.

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E and R said...

You can do it! The reward would be so wonderful that the phone call will seem minuscule in comparison! Good luck!!!