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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

TJL 36th birthday

Yesterday was TJL's 36th birthday - yes, technically, I am a 'cougar', but it's only three years, and I don't think it REALLY counts at our age.

We spent the evening with TJL's Mum, Dad, Sister, BIL, and their 4 children.  As TJL's sister had a funeral to attend earlier in the day, TJL's mum had 3 of the 4 children.  So 'Mum', 'Dad', and 3 children arrived at 6pm, pretty much on.the.dot.  Sis, BIL and #4 did not arrive until after 7pm, so we had the task of 'entertaining', which, once you find 'bouncy balls', was pretty darn easy.  Would have been easier if we had 3 bouncy balls, but two was enough.  Especially for TJL when the kidlets found out that IF you bounce the ball out into the paddock, TJL has to go and fetch it.  Now THAT'S a FUN game!   

 What would YOU do if you saw this pack advancing toward you?

 G2 being 'oh so cutsie', solely for the photo

 'Take a photo of me dancing, Aunty Sally'  G2, for some unknown reason, calls me Aunty Sally (or Sandy), amongst other things.  I think at one point I was Uncle Kathy ... lol.  I just answer, regardless.

 J all smiles, unless he didn't have one of the two bouncy balls, or if he wanted the camera himself

 'I have the bouncy ball!'

 'I'm gonna get that bouncy ball'

 'Here I come, rahhhhhhhh!'

 C with a bouncy ball and a twirl

 Lets make Uncle T fetch a bouncy ball from the paddock, AGAIN

 Hey!  Wait for me!




Uncle T!

Another way to entertain them all, was to let them 'play' with my small point 'n' shoot camera.  They got some good shots.  The goldfish were photographed MANY times.  And for some reason, so was my chest - which I didn't realise until I looked at the photos today.  And a lot of close-ups of faces.  Really funny.

And as an aside, my stomach HURTS from today.  I hope that this is 'normal'.  I think it most likely is, but I am feeling pretty 'blah'.  Will see how I am tomorrow, as to whether I think I need to see a doctor or not.

I must admit I am super glad I still have one more day off work tomorrow, YES! 

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