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Sunday, January 02, 2011

The Day after New Years Day, day

Another gorgeous summers day, twas the day after New Years day *sigh*.  I have to admit, it is only once the Christmas Trees are down and decorations put away does it really 'feel' like summer.  I guess that is the Northern Hemisphere influence of Christmas (snow, dark early, hot drinks and meals) that kind of makes a NZ Christmas experience feel like it lacks somewhat.  I mean, we have to stay up until past 10pm to get the true effect of our Christmas lights ... oh how hard done by am I?  *joking*   And this is coming from someone who has never even been to the Northern Hemisphere (yet), so how much are 'we' influenced by media?  A lot obviously.   But yes, Summer is here with her beautiful (and dangerous) sun, meaning we swim, and swim, and have bbq's - oh the pure joy!

We did not get up to much yesterday.  Helped the sis pull down her Christmas Tree - 'Goodbye Christmas, see you 'next' year' was the call.  Just so you know, a 1 year old and baubles DON'T mix that well, they were strewn all OVER the show.  Lucky he is so cute.  When he wasn't causing that kind of chaos, he was busy climbing up the ladder just like Daddy (this was under adult supervision, and when finished, the ladder was removed from side of house).

I just absolutely must help Dad fix the windows!

G begged to play Monopoly - I bought a set for ME for $20 and thought I would bring it down for  a bit of fun.  Looks like we might be purchasing another $20 set for the sis' family as G just loves it.

 Finally playing Monopoly -  'I'M BANKER'

And Miss T, was just Miss T.  Causing mischief at many a turn, with either a 'NO!' when asked if she had done something naughty, or a 'whatever!' at everything else.  Confound her and her new cute haircut!

 How cute and innocent am I, playing 'Strawberry Shortcake'?.  What the photo does not portray is how Miss Shortcake was being contorted to be 'a bridge'

Family chaos fun.

And me?  Two days and no fizz!  And I have eaten a lot less than usual.  Minor 'chocolate' and 'dessert' indulgences, but heck, I'm surrounded by temptation AND I was hungry!  But the indulgences were extremely minimal by my standards.

All n all a fantastic Day After New Years Day


Joyfull said...

Looks like a perfect end to New Year's Day! Have a blessed week!

Cyndi said...

I hopped over from another blog. I enjoyed reading your post and that does seem weird to be celebrating Christmas in the summer since I live in the US.
It was very cold and snowy here!
Blessings to you and Happy New Year!