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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Lake Rorokare

I have lived where I live for 2 complete years, and I am just beginning my third.  A 5 minute drive away is Lake Rotokare, of which I have been to twice, where I have kayaked.  I finally got off my behind today and walked around it.  The walk is only 1.5 hours, and one would think that I had gotten around to it well before today, but better late than never!  I enjoyed it so much that I think I might make it a weekly occurance (if I can).  Only problem is, it is a wild life sanctuary (for birds) so Stella, the dog, is not allowed.  Unfortunately this is the norm. in NZ due to the fact most of our native birds either do not fly, or are not very good at it, oh well!  I am sure I will find a dog friendly place one day, until then she will just have to be happy with the 150 acre farm we live on.

My layman interpretation of Rotokare is Roto = lake, Kare = ripple, so I am going to go with Lake of ripples, which it actually wasn't today, it was pretty glassy.

 Lake Rotokare - currently closed for 'conservation' but come 1st December you can kayak and waterski on it (In my opinion its not really big enough for waterskiing, good lake for learning I guess, I don't really know, I only went waterskiing once, about 2 decades ago).  It is spring in NZ, so breeding season for the birds.  Only took my small lens so didn't get any bird shots - note to self, take longer lens (and patience) next time!

 Little way up the track is this seat (there are a few all the way along the track).  This one is not too far along a very easy walking track, so it would be good for not so able people to get to.  You can have a lovely sit, with a lovely view.

 Leaves.  Obviously the food of choice for some insects.

Another view of the lake.  It is a Y shape, so this is one of the arms. 

 Fern leaf -being a Kiwi I have a strong attachment to the fern leaf shape (it is the emblem on our sporting jerseys).

 Kahikatea or White Pine.  A majestic tree.

 Boardwalk over mud.  I love taking photos of the tracks I am on as I love the uncertainty and 'excitement' of what is ahead.  Funny how in my life I am constantly looking behind at regrets rather than ahead with excitement, like I do when tramping/hiking.  Perhaps in the future I should remember how I am when I tramp, and apply that to my everyday life.

 Another section of track.

 Traps.  Most likely for rats and stoats.  This whole reserve is predator fenced to stop rats, cats, stoats and dogs entering, to protect the wild birdlife.  Even to get into the reserve you have to press a button to open one gate, drive in, wait until the gate closes and press a button to open another gate.  It is a really wonderful conservation project, and the birdsong, FANTASTIC!

Hmmmm, the only bird I got a shot of, the pesky Magpie!  Very territorial and protective of nests at this time of year.  Magpies scare the cr*p out of me - I have a cycle helmet with claw marks in it from a previous encounter with a magpie when I was out cycling one year.  They are not afraid of much when it comes to protecting their babies.

So that is what is just down the road from me (lucky ah!). 
Heres hoping you enjoyed a little bit of NZ conservation information :-)

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Beckie's Infertile said...

This place is gorgeous! Thanks for stopping by, I look forward to reading your blog!