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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Random ramblings

The weather has been extremely mixed today.  Hence it was another day that I spent inside, just mucking around and wasting time.  TJL and I did plan to go to the supermarket to get groceries, but that got sidelined, due to apathy and we just could not be bothered (I guess thats what apathy means!).  This means that we have NO bread, NO cheese, not much of anything really.

Has it been raining much around here lately?  Ummmm - YEP!

I have been a very bad girlfriend (I so don't know what to call myself, girlfriend, partner, wannabe wife?) lately.  TJL has to go out EVERYDAY, morning and night, to milk the cows.  And me, well, I have been very naughty and staying inside when I should be out there helping.  OKAY, so the weather has been VERY bad, and I do work full time outside of the home, but I do still need to pull finger and give him a hand.  ARGHHHHH at ME!

Is Stella an outside dog?  Ummm yep, uh-huh, yip

So I failed to head out again today, either morning OR afternoon.  Seriously, the weather is TERRIBLE!  So to quell half of the GUILT thing I baked some gingerbread (in a round tin because I didn't have a square or rectangle one - doh!), and afghan biscuits for TJL, and lets be honest here, for me too, thus only quells HALF the guilt.  ACK .... just add more guilt, where has my healthy eating gone??  And now, in the oven, is homemade Shepherds Pie - mmmmm left over Central Hawkes Bay Lamb roast all chopped up,  mixed with canned tomato and left over gravy, onion, salt, pepper, and herbs all topped off with mashed potato and kumera (sweet potato).  I hope its going to be a good one (sometimes the product is NOT as good as it sounds).  EDIT - it was de.lic.ous!  We had 2 helpings each.

What can I say ... more mud

Due to the mud TJL has decided that the cows have to wait for him after milking.  If they don't wait, by the time the last cows get to the paddock, the first cows have trashed it, and the last ones don't get any grass.  I should have videoed them soley so you can hear what the COWS have to say about having to wait ... MOOOOOOOOO!  And thats a very angry moo!

The girls, impatiently waiting for TJL to finish milking so they can go and get fresh grass.

C'mon Summer!  Problem with that is we will probably have a drought!  Farmers are NEVER happy ... lol

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