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Monday, September 20, 2010

How long do you wait for someone to show up?

I had a meeting with my web designer today, scheduled for 2pm in town (which I assumed was the cafe that we usually met at).  I am very good at arriving early, so I was there at 1.50pm.  By 2.20pm there was no sign of J.  At this point I sent him a text message, to ascertain whether he was running late, or had forgotten, and I STILL haven't heard back from him *sigh*.  I only waited around until 2.25pm, but considering I had a 70km trip into town, soley for this meeting, I was a little, ummm, upset would be the correct word.  Not necessarily because I had made the trip in especially for our meeting, I was upset more because I had been forgotten.  Not a nice feeling at ALL!  Leaves me feeling unimportant, and insignificant.  Now I KNOW that this was not his intention AT ALL, but that is all it takes to knock my confidence in myself.  I am not a hugely people person, mostly because I think I 'bore' them, or have nothing in common with anyone, and when I get forgotten it just reinforces this thinking - I so need to GET A GRIP!

Anyway, since I was in town, I decided to continue my drive from Saturday, and I headed around the coast to the lighthouse, to take some photos.  I have not finished editing them by any means, and have not selected my favourites as yet, but I think a few of my shots today might make it onto my website (none of which follow here, as I haven't copyrighted them yet either :-)

The lighthouse.  How do you know it's a lighthouse in Taranaki?  There is a cow in front of it!

Dead starfish I found very high up on the rocks.  Not to sure whether is got washed up there in stormy seas, or whether some 'uneducated' person pulled it up out of a rock pool and let the poor thing die.  I have bought it home with me, don't know what I plan to do with it, dead animals are not really my kind of decoration.  I did think it would be of some educational benefit for the nieces and nephew.

Falling down, rotting house.  Not too far from the 'beach'  (beach is rocks, not sand).  I told TJL it could be our new beach house (not that we have an old one).  He didn't think it was 'suitable'.  Apparently one goes to the 'beach' to relax, NOT do up a house *sigh*.  Think longterm dude!

This is a tiny stream that leads to the sea.  It was quite delightful.

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Joyfull said...

Sorry to hear of the disappoinment of the failed meeting. It is not an easy emotion to know you've been "forgotten". But, it seems like you made the most of a bad situation with the pictures, they are great! Hope that you have a great week.