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Thursday, September 09, 2010

Web design and lightroom 3

Daffodil - I don't think that this is my final saved product - methinks I have a LOT more learning to d0

Cow 107, ready for milking

Had a meeting with my web designer today. He's great! Really getting a move on with my website, that's for sure (as he should be, I'm paying him enough! LOL!). He has also recommended that I upload Adobe Lightroom 3, which I have done, and now I am having a wee play around. So todays shots are from having a tootie with lightroom 3.


I am not so good at the whole, artsy, fartsy, still life shots. I am much better with 'action'. But I have had a wee wander around the farm, and took a few images, for playing with. Hopefully I will get a chance to have a shoot around tomorrow to see what I can get, and do. This is if the weather decides to cooperate, which is has not been lately. It has been decidedly icky!


I will spend a bit of time tonight surfing the net, in case there is an event on over the weekend that I feel like shooting. Otherwise I might go for a drive, or go for a walk around the lake, and see what I can see.


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Joyfull said...

Love the pictures! I always like to see how everyday things turn into great photos!