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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Fortune cookie on Facebook

My fortune cookie on Facebook said today - Accept something you can not change and you will feel better.

And with that in mind, on with my post ...

I have had a 'depressed' couple of days.  Arghhhh.  I guess it is brought on by getting my period, but I take it out on, and blame it on TJL, when I know I shouldn’t (and I am sure that I have told him that it is not him, although I have blamed him for not caring etc).  I am feeling a lot better now, but I thought that I should write down what I planned to write this morning, but I will change it from what I HATE about myself and my life to what I dislike :-)
What I dislike about myself and my life (in no particular order)
  1. My appearance, fitness and weight
  2.   My laziness at home
  3.   My focusing on the ‘bad’ in my life and my failure to count my blessings
  4.   The fact I am to chicken to go to church, and to tell my family that God has finally found me, or I have found God, or we have found each other ... lol
  5.   I don’t have fun, laugh, or enjoy my life which makes me feel I am ruining TJLS life
  6.   I read about other peoples lives (via blogs and facebook) rather than living my own life
  7.   I don’t control my spending
  8.   I don’t control my eating
  9.   I don’t ‘like’ what a lot of people at work talk about (ie being nasty about other people), and I don’t like how I behave when I am around them
  10.   I watch way too much TV
  11.   I don’t spend enough time with Stella or TJL
  12.   The garden is a weed fest
  13.   The house is a mess fest
  14.   I don’t want to go out in Taranaki with anyone other than TJL, I have not made an effort to get to know his friends.
SO my plans for the next week starting tomorrow
  1. When on days off walk Stella at least twice a day, and on days on walk Stella once a day 
  2.   Each day do ONE house task.  This week I will
         Monday - vacuum floors
         Tuesday - wash floors
         Wednesday - dust bedroom
         Thursday - dust living rooms
        Friday - washing (1 load before going to WOW)
        Saturday - washing (1 load after WOW)
        Sunday - day off, visiting with sisters family who is coming to sta
     3.  Write down 5 blessings at the end of each day
    4.  Consume only 1 600mL soda a week
    5.  Spend 30 minutes a day REALLY listening to and concentrating on what TJL has to say (ie not while on the computer, or watching tv, or being uninterested)
And I think that MIGHT just be enough for my first week.  Once I have these actions established in my weekly living as habits I will begin to expand on them.

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