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Saturday, January 07, 2012


TJL and I had a weekend away for my friend CrazyJ's wedding.  It was 'back home' so we stayed with my parents, 2nd time in two weeks for me, so that was great.  Being the great photographer I am I didn't actually take a camera in with me (I only had large ones with me and totally forgot my little compact one.  The photos below are pinched from Facebook taken by the Brides sister).

This is the venue - The Hawke's Bay Club.  It was very nice, lovely and historic.

The cake was very cool.   Little cupcakes for everyone to eat (they were made by another of the brides sisters), and the cake topper included a pregnant bride (which J was).  The cupcakes were delicious (I originally got a banana one, and luckily TJL got a vanilla one so we swapped). 

J&J cutting the 'cupcake'.  The top tier is fruit cake that is being saved for the birth of their baby girl in a couple of months.

If you couldn't quite tell by the above pic, the groom was indeed in a wheelchair (due to a botched operation when he was early 20's I think).  Also the bride was in jandals and I was so jealous!  My feet hurt in my tiny heeled shoes (that means the heels were tiny, not the shoes themselves!)

Awwww father daughter dance.  J is the oldest of 4 sisters, and the last to get married and have children.  He was one happy man!  And obviously J was over the moon to finally have the man of her dreams.

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