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Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Acupuncture appointment

Had another acupuncture appointment today.  Have I said before how much I love acupuncture.

After my last appointment, when she gave me the 'hot cigar' treatment (can not remember its proper name), I had spotting a few days before my period.  I NEVER have spotting.  And then my period was a day late, I'm NEVER a day late, my cycle is a perfect 27 days (I had thought it was 28 but that was me counting day 1, twice, doh! … lol).  Acupuncturist was pleased as it meant that the treatment was 'doing something', and while I do agree, any strange symptoms for someone with infertility can't but help raise the hopes, although it was very slightly and I did think the cause was the acupuncture, but you know, hoping for a miracle here!

Todays treatment was good, it was on my back, which is super relaxing.  Then she massaged my feet and legs - talk about OUCH!  Man she digs in deep!  And then she did my shoulder area, which is full of knots, and yep, that hurt too!  But I always feel great afterwards, and she has given me stretches to do for my back and shoulders.

My feet have been giving me a bit of trouble lately too, especially the right.  Apparently I have 'too much skin' and I need to slough it off (she said some people would razor blade it off … what??!! - I am so out of touch with what people do).  Anyway, I bought a pumice stone and foot file today, so I shall get to work on tidying up my feet.

I haven't made another appointment as yet, as period is due tomorrow, and we have to see what will be happening with IVF before I book for more acupuncture.

Ohhh, exciting and nervous.

Hopefully my period comes tomorrow, as I have no clue as to what will happen if it comes on the weekend and we are away, wait another month most likely!  And I don't want to.

Oh the trials and tribulations living in a country where so few clinics do IVF, and I have to travel 4 hours to get to it!

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