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Sunday, January 01, 2012

Getting out of a cooking rut

Poor TJL, I have really been in a cooking rut for the last four years.  I am not a bad cook, I just got into my fathers way of cooking - meat and three veg, one being potato, 'chinese 5 spice chicken or sweet and sour pork and rice', pasta via lasagne, bolognaise, or mac. cheese, roast meals, and on the odd occasion kebabs, or maybe a salad instead of cooked veg.

So tonight's plan of attack was to make sweet and sour pork, with rice.  And then I thought (wow, me thinking - miracles are happening in 2012 already!), sorry, then I thought, google pork slices and see what recipes come up.  The first couple looked pretty good - Caramelized Pork Slices and Tangy Sweet Pork Belly Slices.  I went with the Tangy Sweet Pork Belly Slices, but used silverbeet instead of watercress or puha.  I also REALLY branched out and went with brown rice instead of the usual Jasmine or Basmati.

It was delicious, and really, really easy, and TJL really liked it, and appreciated that I went to some effort to make something different.

I then remembered that I had signed up for Pinterest You can find me here (I hope) so I saved the recipes to my boards.  And now I can finally see the point to Pinterest (sorry, I can be a bit slow), but from now on, when I see stuff I like, and am inspired by, I can Pin it!  Yes!

I also must make more effort to get photos to this blog!  Otherwise it is a bit of a bore … hahaha.

But for now I am off to pin, pin, pin!

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