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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Incredibly busy week - the photo edition

We have had an incredibly hectic week with hay making, farm 'shopping', vet visit, TJL's birthday (and thus his family visit).  And tonight I get to milk as TJL has speedway and needs to get there early.

Not to mention that I still have 2000 photos to edit and upload from last weekend, and I am back out taking more photos tomorrow!  Now let me hear you all SCREAM!

So here are a few things, in pictorial form.  Probably out of order :-)
Calf enjoying a chew on my shirt before getting vaccinated

TJL checking out the calves before vaccination

Get lots of these shots ...

… and these ones ...

… and these ones

Vet giving the vaccinations.  Does it super quick (now I'm worried about IVF injections starting soon).

Freedom!  After vaccinations.

Chocolate cake made for TLJ's birthday.

TJL turning hay



TJL turning hay.

Boys heading up to fresh grazing - Jeckle, Bernard and Paulie

Jeckle rubbing on a bank on the way up to paddock ...

… awww yeah ...


Hay bale

Hay bale closeup in black and white

Hay bale closeup in black and white

Hay bale closeup

TJL bringing hay to the shed, 3 bales at a time

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