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Friday, December 30, 2011

Ahhhh ... it's time for New Years Resolutions

I have been having a think, on my walk with Stella-D, about how my life is shaping up, and what I want to achieve in 2012, since a new year and a new beginning all happens tomorrow.

I have decided I will be best to actually write down everything I do, and then alongside it everything I hope to do.  I think I might find that my biggest problem, along with a lot of people, is that I hope to do too much, so what I really need to do is prioritise what is most important and focus on those things, and then commit any 'spare' time to 'everything' else.

So tonights job will be to create this list, and how I plan to tackle it - month by month - starting, of course, with January!

I shall be back …

And here it is;

What I achieved 2011
What I hope to achieve 2012
Records of daily spending
Records of daily spending
Spending within my means
Debt free aside from mortgage
Hose out shed most mornings
Hose out shed most mornings
Milk four times a week
Finances once a week
MINDA once a week
Blog weekly
Increased sales
Good customer service
Daily records of finances
Increase profile and sales
Excellent customer service
Daily records of finances
Increase skills
Exhibition in Winter
Thorough backups and records of photos
Make a file of outstanding photos
House and Garden
House cleanish and tidyish
Flower garden planted and mostly weeded
Vegetable garden partly planted and mostly weeded

House and Garden
House on a cleaning schedule
Flower garden weeded weekly
Vegetable garden weeded weekly
Vegetable garden harvested when required
Berry garden birdproofed
Flower and vegetable seedlings ready in continuous manner
Friends and Family
Reconnected with Carmen
Reconnected with Heather
Friends and Family
More proactive with birthdays
Phone Mum and Dad monthly
Dinner monthly with Trent
Lunch monthly with Trent
Movies with Thelma
Email contact with Manda, Heather
Quit my job, less stress
Got engaged
Got accepted as foster parents
Walk Stella-D twice a day
Connect more with God
Get fit and healthy
Stop watching so much TV
Read more books
Expand breakfast/lunch/dinner menus
Walk Stella-D twice a day
Blog weekly
January 2012
Pay all bills in full, work out total debt or credit
Work out average weekly income from photography business
Work out average weekly expenses (including rental house)
Construct a budget to live within my means
Milk twice a week
Hose out most mornings
Get MINDA up-to-date
Read newspapers daily for weekly blog
Mark all events for January in calendar
Daily records of finances
Outstanding January photos to file
Study one chapter of Photography book
House and Garden
Follow cleaning schedule
One day a week vegetable garden weeding
One day a week flower garden weeding
One day (a month) seeds into punnets
Bird netting for raspberries
Friends and Family
Note all January birthdays
Go to Manda’s leaving
Email Thelma about movies
Email Heather to see how Christmas and New Year went
Work out what day of yearling sales to go to with Carmen
Julies wedding - 07th
Read Bible 5 minutes a day (starting anywhere)
12 week plan starts 16 January
Treat food - small amount twice a week
Walk Stella-D twice a day
Read Skywatch and select movies/programmes that I REALLY want to watch, write down day and time
Watch 1 x cooking programme a week for fresh ideas on what to make for meals
Read 1 x recipe book for fresh meal ideas
Blog weekly x fitness and general blog

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