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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Wellness - Two Week Wait

Yes, I have been AWOL for a wee while.  This has been due to the whole, full on, IVF process, which for me involves a wee bit of travel to get to the clinic.

This round went so much better than the last round as I only had to travel to Hamilton once for a scan, and when we are talking a 3.5 hour drive to get there, and then home again, I was rapt that I only had to go once.  That would be one benefit of doing a second IVF, the Dr's have tweaked your cycle, ever so slightly in my case, so that makes your next cycle that little bit better.

I also only had 3 blood tests before the trigger injection, which again, was totally awesome!

I got the call to trigger on Wednesday night at 9.40pm, which would be fine for 'normal' people, but TJL and I have a tendency to head off to bed around 8.30pm-9.00pm, so we had to stay up a wee bit later than usual, but again SO much better than last time which was a 10.40pm trigger (I think).

I phoned Mum and Dad Wednesday night to let Dad know that it was time to go.  Fortunately Mum could come as well, so I had a nice team of two to take care of me up in Hammy.  I wish I had teased Mum and told her that she had to inject me, it was something she had been worrying about and I know without a doubt that it would have been Dad giving me any shots, had I needed any.

Since I had decided to get a motel in Ham for this part, due to extreme stomach pain last time with TJL driving me home - not recommended at all!, Mum and Dad met me at the motel on Thursday to stay for two nights, I was possibly going to stay a third night depending on how I felt the day after egg retrieval.

The great thing about the motel was that it was around 50 metres from the clinic!  So so so happy about that.  

With the struggle to find a vein for the drugs needle last time, this time I sipped water for most of the night, each time I needed to get up and go to the bathroom I took a few sips of water.

Worked a treat!

So Friday, egg collection day, dawned and I was nervous, understandably.
The Dr mentioned my almost fainting last time, which was due to how long it took to get a vein, and then the relief when they finally got one.  So this time, with vein found first time, I was fine.

Egg collection went fine.  There was a bit of pain during the procedure but nothing too bad.  Afterwards I did feel nauseous after I ate a biscuit, so I got some anti-nausea drugs, and some oxygen, but all in all it went fine.  So once I was ready we walked back to the motel.

I had pretty much no pain afterwards, just sat around on my bed watching TV.  Because I was so fine, Mum & Dad went and visited my Aunt and Uncle.  They returned after about 2 hours, so it wasn't major time away from me.

And really, not much pain afterwards.  I did take a couple of panadol just as a precaution at 5pm, and then again at 9pm before going to sleep.

Woke up Saturday sweet as, so I drove home, and all has been fine since.

And now we wait, feed calves and wait, watch movies and wait.

Waiting, the worst bit mentally!

I do have to say my parents were fantastic!  I was so blessed to have them there!
And I am so glad that I live in an age where I have the opportunity to at least try and have a baby.

God, my Lord, my Saviour, my King, it is all in your hands now.  Praise be!


Sometimes said...

How many retireved and fertilized? Sounds like a much easier retrievale and I am glad for you! Fingers and toes crossed now!

Sometimes said...

Sorry for all those typos. Am typing on my phone and blogger won't let me correct errors without freezing!

E and R said...

Hoping for great results for you!

KC said...

Glad to her it went so smoothly. Wishing you a happy and fast 2 week wait. When do you do your transfer? How many eggs did they retrieve?