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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Total Home - Front Steps

Day one of shots done and dusted.  

I have finally got our front steps 'finished'.  It isn't really how I envisioned it, not really themed as such, but it is A LOT better than how it was originally.

So here is a reminder of the before.  Broom, hearth shovel, chairs stacked up on table, dog toys (and the dog).  Basically telling everyone to GO AWAY!

After.  Photos don't really do it justice, but I am hoping that once Spring gets into full swing the plants in the gumboots, pots, and tricycle will take off.  Table actually looks like it is set up for people to sit at!  If we had a deck to put the table elsewhere we would, but where it is now is out of the way ie off the lawn which makes for easy mowing.
The chicken is real, although I was looking for a chicken sculpture to add to my decorations.
I do plan to find a small 'Welcome' sculpture/ornament, just to finish it all off.

And yes, our front 'porch' is also our laundry AND where we store all of our wet weather gear, gumboots, you can see the dog's blanket and water bucket, and a basketball.

Lets just say that this porch area is my next fix-up, just to make the welcome complete.

I had planned to hang something on the door, but since it is a glass sliding door that is always partially to fully open (unless the rain is coming right in) there was nothing that would work. 

I have, however, just noticed that I could put something on the wall beside the door.  It is kind of a big blank space.  Something I can think about and work on!  Suggestions are more than welcome!

Close up of the left hand side.  Yes, perhaps I should have cleaned the gumboots before I planted them!  I can do that later, I probably won't though.
Close up of the right hand side.  Notice the junk in the porch/laundry area!  Nasty!

What I popped on top of the table.  WOW!  Look at the lichen/moss on the table!  Methinks it will require a water blast and a paint before Summer gets here!
And while I was outside with the camera, I took a quick snapshot of the seeds that have managed to sprout.  So far it is only the Beetroot and Pea seeds.  I am so impressed with the peas that I will plant some more.  
Why oh why did I not do this today when I was out potting up some of the other plants??!!

And in other home news, while I was searching for an outdoor ornament/sculpture for our front door I came across this enamel bucket.

I love, and I mean LOVE buckets.  Don't ask me why, I just do.
And and enamel bucket??!!  LOVE  IT.

TJL obviously wanted to know what the heck I planned to do with it.  Originally I thought I might use it outside as decoration, but I don't want it to go to wrack and ruin so ...

I'm using it to store our potatoes in!  So much easier than getting in and out of the potato bag,
and it fit in the cupboard nice and tidy.

Oh so happy!

Having lived here for the last 4 years I am finally getting it together home wise, for what is probably our final year.

Better late than never, ah?!

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Joanna said...

love the boots with the flowers!