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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Wellness - Sinus Trouble

So my weight today is 86.9kg.  Up by 200g.  Thing is we are right in the middle of IVF right now, so I'm not going to panic about my weight.  Yes I want it to go down, obviously!  I'm huge.  
I am still at the threshold of 87kg, so provided I stay at this point for the next few weeks, all will be swell.

What I am having a wee bit of trouble with, at the moment, is my sinuses.  

I get hay fever, and I get it badly.  And since I am spending around 2-3 hours each day feeding calves my hay fever is playing up.  No where near to the degree of how it is when I am around horses though, where I am sure at times I could actually die!
Sneezing, coughing, sore eyes, can all lead to my struggling to breathe, which usually hits me when I am sleeping.  True!  I can be fine, go to bed, only to wake up three hours later struggling to breathe.  It can be very frightening!

Normally I would take an antihistamine.  Or three ...


We are in the middle of IVF and I don't want to take anything that may negatively influence the drugs that are being injected into my system.  I did think about contacting the clinic to see if it would be ok to take a tablet (or 7), but I haven't.  I'm good like that!

Fortunately a couple of weeks ago, or was it last week?, I did a go.ogle search as I was getting terrible tooth pain associated with the sinus trouble, and
I discovered that steam inhalation might help, and help it does.

I now do an inhalation right before bed, for 10 minutes, which seems to see me pretty much right for the entire night.  I might wake up and need to blow my nose, but it is much better than a coughing and wheezing fit.

And I do an inhalation first thing in the morning for 10 minutes.  

And BONUS, what better opportunity to connect with God, than 2 x 10 minute phases in the day when my head is over a steaming bowl and under a towel.  Perfect!

I have also discovered my breathing is easier when I have 3, thats THREE pillows to sleep on.  Trouble is that 3 pillows can make my neck and shoulders a bit sore,  so from about 4am - 6am I get rid of one pillow, and sleep on my usual two.

I have to say I am so relieved to have found a God directed solution to my hay fever allergies while I am feeding calves and doing IVF.  I don't know what I would have done if I hadn't discovered such an easy, and FREE solution to, what could have been, a serious problem.

And the sinus induced toothache?  GONE!  I am so relieved because it HURT so BAD!

I did hear on the news that Dr Go.ogle was more likely to be wrong rather than right, but in this case I feel truly blessed by what I found.  So if you suffer sinus trouble, and didn't know about breathing in a bit of steam, give it a go.  You have nothing to lose!

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