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Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Total Home - Why you don't want a cockatoo

George, the Sulphur Crested Cockatoo

As I have said before, he is deceptively cute.
He can be shockingly loud!
But I do have to say that for this visit, he has been pretty good.  
He does screech like a telephone when he thinks he has been left alone, ie every time one of us goes out the front door, or to the bedroom, or bathroom ...
and he screeches like a telephone when he thinks that he deserves some of what we are eating,
but for most of this visit he has been petty quiet.

He is, however, a lot like a toddler when it comes to food mess!

The photos really don't do the mess justice.  There is bird food, carrots, apple, peas, corn, crackers and POO!  ALL  OVER  this newspaper, (and the surrounding carpet).

If I was a decent housekeeper, if people other than TJL and myself lived here, or if we had George full time, I would clean this mess up regularly, however we thought TJL's Mum was coming on Monday to collect him, so I figured that I would just do a major clean up once he had gone.  Her collection day got pushed out to today, and now it is pushed out to Wednesday, so BLURCKY it is!  
It really is revolting!

And speaking of revolting, I shifted a pot plant (that is on a stool), from a sunny window position to a more shaded position, because I think it will do better, and 
THIS  is what I found ...

A fly graveyard!  Ewwwwww!
Thank heavens for my dust buster, that is all I can say!

Front door photos still to come.  It is almost done, but couldn't get it finished today as it was raining, and nasty, and I was also jolly tired!

So yes, my recommendation, don't get a parrot!

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