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Friday, August 03, 2012

Snap-Shot Saturday - Today

This was my day today.  Real thrill a minute stuff.  I really, really must get onto taking my camera everywhere I go, to save these last minute 'whatever' shots!

11 of our keeper/rearer calves.  Quite a mixed bag - Fresians, Jerseys, Jersey X's ...

Another shot of the 11 with TJL looking on unimpressed with my 'faffing about'

A bit closer up, and one is having a poop, sorry about that.  And one was a twin, and she is so tiny you can't even see her on the far right - I think you can just see her ear tag, but that isn't her jersey bottom.

Springers herd
One of our 4 'herds' on the farm currently.  Once calving is finished they will all be back in one herd but at the moment we have a colostrum herd (cows who have just calved), a milking herd, a 'springers' herd (who are in the photo, and are indicating that they will be calving soon), and the 'main herd' who are over a week away from calving.

The crying tree.  I didn't use it today, but snapped a shot of it as I walked the dog past.  If I get really upset with TJL I head to this tree for a good cry!

The main herd.  It doesn't look like they have much grass but they are currently being break fed, so each morning they are given a fresh section of paddock

Walking the dog, this is pretty much how it goes

Another shot of George, I should have video'd him today, he was screeching like an old fashioned telephone at full noise, very unpleasant!

Now this bowl looks like it has a muddy concoction in it, but it's not, its just boiling water with herbs (for a nice smell) for me to inhale, thanks to Dr Google in regards to Sinus Toothache.  This worked ok but the following worked better

A hot flannel placed on my cheek where the sinus toothache was located, and it all went away.  Not too sure how it works, but stoked that it did!  Blue flannel is on my Red Calf Rearing folder, a folder used
EVERY.  DAY.  at the moment!

And that's it from me, tomorrow is computer free day - YAY!

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