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Friday, August 10, 2012

Family Friday - Last day of BCP

Today was my final day of BCP's ... YAY!!!
I always worry that I am going to forget to take them, but I did it, 
I made it through the month and remembered to take them all.

Next step starts Tuesday

Not really booooo!  
Reality is that they don't hurt too much, it's just the whole mental thing.
And to be honest, I am starting to get nervous now, I only just realised that.

Not nervous about injections, just nervous about the whole thing.

Will I have to go to NP for my blood tests, or will the local lab be able to do them in time?
Will I produce more eggs this time, and if so will I then be uncomfortable, which will make feeding calves, who bunt REALLY REALLY hard, a bit frightening?
Will I produce any eggs at all?
Will my Dad cope with being my egg collection buddy?
Will I cope with Dad being my egg collection buddy?
Will TJL's frozen sperm unfreeze and fertilise my eggs, if I get any?
Will we get any embryos to replace?
Will it work this time?
If it works will it stick?

Just your normal, everyday infertility thoughts.

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babycrazykiwi said...

I'll be thinking of you lots over the next little while. All the best and I REALLY hope that this time round is the deal breaker :)