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Monday, June 25, 2012

New sheets and wasted meats

Happy Monday

So excited, the sheets that I ordered a while ago finally arrived today (I was aware that they had to be back ordered).  They are the Teaberry ones from Ezibuy - TJL loves flannelette sheets and so do I, oh so snuggly in winter time.  In fact last time my parents visited even Dad commented on how warm their bed was, even without the electric blanket on!

The coolest thing is that they come in a rectangular plastic bag that zips up which is PERFECT to store my knitting wool in!  They even have little inner pockets that have the photo of the sheets slipped into, so I just slip that out and then I have a pocket for my needles, and other assorted accessories.


I have had to remove myself from the Ezibuy site, RIGHT NOW before I go off and buy more stuff, I'm shocking for spending, I really am!  And I just love new stuff, but hey, who doesn't.

Yesterday we decided to have bacon and eggs for lunch, all raised on our own farm so no battery foods here.  Anyway, I sent TJL out to the freezer to get some bacon, BIG MISTAKE, well actually in hindsight it wasn't, but at the time BIG MISTAKE.  I got the call ...

'I can't find any.  We REALLY need to get this freezer tidied, lets do it now!'

Seriously?  It's LUNCHTIME, and I'M  HUNGRY!

But out I went to assist  him.

It took us an hour.

And we threw out one wheelbarrow load of meat.  ONE  WHEELBARROW  LOAD

Old meat, freezer burned meat, unidentifiable meat.

The WASTE!  The absolute waste, which lead to the GUILT!  My goodness, we obviously have it too good if we are throwing out that. much. meat.

However, our freezer is now super tidy.  Poor TJL was not aware that if we are doing a job, we are doing it properly, so now all of the meat is in it's groups.  We have a giant (and when I say giant I mean GIANT) bag of mince, half a giant bag of casserole/stewing steak, and loads of other meats (all home produced).  Luckily I am heading home Saturday, to pick up my nieces for a weeks holiday with us, so I will take some of our excess for Mum and Dad, and my big Sis.  (We do always give them some when we first get a beast done).

And that is my happy Monday :)

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babycrazykiwi said...

Ugh I know what you mean about cleaning out the freezer - random bits of this and that hanging around at the bottom. It is terrible waste although we try to feed the waste to the dogs. We've got artic sheets from the warehouse and oh baby those puppies are devine...love snuggly sheets!