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Friday, June 22, 2012

Whats happening?

Unfortunately there will be no holiday for TJL and I this year (or for the next few years if we manage to purchase a farm next year).  Loretta, one of our heifers, 'slipped' a couple of nights ago, so now we have one cow to be milked.  Just one.  *sigh*  She is a month early so the calf was either born dead, or died before we discovered her in the morning.  While I have been busy telling TJL that he still had a month of relaxing to go, it has all come to a crashing halt with Loretta needing to be milked every day from now on, not hard, just inconvenient.  I now need to come up with many ways I can use her milk.  I feel an attempt at cheese making coming on.  Stella (the dog) is pretty excited, as it means she will be getting her daily ration!  Loretta had her first ever milking this morning, and she did really well.  I patted her and kept her calm while TJL put the cups on, and while she is not super quiet as yet, I'm pretty sure she will be very quiet by the time the month is up and we start to get a few more cows in the shed.

TJL is off at rugby today.  Their team is doing a bus trip for once, giving me enough of an excuse not to go.  I don't drink, and the thought of being on a bus with young, drunken men, is NOT my idea of a good time (maybe 20 years ago it was, but not now).  It means that I can make what ever I would like for dinner - which will be a pork, rice and veges dish - and I am oh so hungry now!  It also means that I have NO IDEA as to when I will get the call to head into the village to pick him up.  Fortunately he very rarely does this so I am more than happy to do it.  I just hope it's not too late, I am not a night owl by any stretch of the imagination.

I have also been trying to knit!  I managed to finish a scarf for TJL, my first project since I was about 10, and probably the only one I have ever finished.

It is in Taranaki colours, but I do think it should have been a bit longer.  TJL think's it's fine, but next time I will definitely make a longer one.

My next project was to attempt a Halloween Cat Dishcloth, as per the instructions on One Crafty Mama's blog  Kelly's cloth is way better than mine, so I decided to link to hers.  Mine, well, it needs work and I would hate to ruin her good work by showing off my less than stellar effort.   Me, I need more practice!  So practice I shall.  It is actually a lot of fun, who knew?!

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