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Friday, June 22, 2012


I am, sometimes, somewhat of an idiot.  I realised last night, during my sleep perhaps, that I am overloaded, and I have done it to myself.

On spur of the moments I have created websites, 6 to be exact!  And no, I don't keep up with most of them.

I also have created 5 Facebook pages (plus the one my sister made me an admin of, that makes 6).

And 3 Twitter accounts.

Oh, and had 3 blogs (plus 2 other 'blogs' on websites).

And Pintrest.

I do this when I get a bee in my bonnet and off I go.


So I realised in the early hours of this morning that I need to simplify, a lot!

All but 2 websites have been deleted.  The two I have kept are my Photography website and the website for the Taranaki Mountainairs (which I hope to possibly pass on to someone else to take care of next season, although now I have gotten rid of all the others I am not feeling quite so overwhelmed).

I now am in control of 3 Facebook pages (personal one, Photography one, and the Taranaki Mountainairs one.

I am down to two Twitter accounts - Personal one, and the Taranaki Mountainairs one.

My Pinterest is here.  That one will stay.

And I am down to 1 blog, this one.

Phew, I feel so much lighter!  I don't know why I felt the need to have so many different 'faces'.  I really don't need blogs for each different facet of my personality, that's just CRAZY!  And impossible to keep up with.  So now this blog will involve all of my crazyness.  Farming, housekeeping, gardening, dieting, infertility, horses, photography, all of it!  Right here. 

It is all going to be so much easier.


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