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Friday, June 29, 2012

The sun finally came out to play today!  Oh yeah, it was fantastic to have that giant warming orb back up in our skies.  So fantastic in fact that I managed to get all of our washing done, and line dried (of course) before the sun disappeared over the horizon.  One of the best winter days we have had so far.  Just lovely!

The room for my nieces is looking fabulous for their mid-winter break with us (I drive down tomorrow and bring them back Sunday - *GULP*).  There are so many fairy lights hung up that it actually makes the room very light.  I will definitely make sure that I unplug everything before I go to bed, so we don't have any fires.

We have also decided that they can build a fort in the lounge on Wednesday, and sleep in it that night.  Last time they visited we let them build a fort but did not allow them to sleep there, simply because I like to have strict bedtime hours, being 8.30pm during school holidays, and the next day I was driving them home and I didn't want them tired and cranky for that.   This time I thought I would let them have one late night, and Wednesday will be perfect because it gives them a couple of early nights before going home.  Wednesday is also the third State of Origin, so likely to be the one night TJL and I are up late as well.  It won't be going against any rules my sister might have, as her holiday rule is 'you can go to bed whenever you like'.  G tried that on with me last time, but she got the 'my house, my rules' statement, and she was actually really good about it.

TJL managed to milk Loretta (our heifer 'house cow') without my assistance this morning.  I'm glad it went so well since he will need to milk her on his own on Sunday (I won't be back with the girls until Sunday afternoon).  Fingers crossed the weather is fine on Sunday.  Even though it is only 350kms from our place to my sisters, the girls still like to have frequent breaks to stretch their legs, which is good as it makes me take breaks and stretch my legs as well.  I do need to get a couple of snack packs organised for the trip, but I think I will do that when I get to Mum and Dads tomorrow afternoon.

I watched a bit of the NBA draft today.  I don't know if you are supposed to cry during the NBA draft but I had a few tears when Thomas Robinson got drafted to the Kings as 5th pick.  What a story!  I am so glad for him, and his little sister, and I hope he enjoys his success.

Time to sit back and watch Highlanders v Chiefs in Super Rugby tonight.
(Obviously I am going through a sporting phase at the moment :)

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babycrazykiwi said...

I've just returned from over that way and wow there were some stunner of days while I was there. And some mean frosts lol.
Hope the visit with the girls went well :)