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Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Hanging out at the folks

I'm not sure what it is about being back in your parents home that turns one back into a teenager, but it's just something that triggers in my brain.  I'm pretty sure I was a lot better than usual, but I still wasn't a grown up.  It is mostly because I like a bit of quiet, and my mother is a talker.  Ah well, such is life.

Today they have headed off for their 'holiday' of two nights away, while I take care of all of their animals, half of which are actually mine!  It will be pretty easy, I just hope that none of the old ones die on me, my fathers old dog in particular.  He is currently wrapped up under a blanket in the back porch, and I have been checking on him regularly, as the day is rather wet and cold.

I had planned to bring in my elderly horse, and give him a bit of a tidy up today.  Due to the weather that won't be happening.  Fingers crossed for tomorrow, or Friday, as I'm off back home on Saturday.  I have been down and given him a handful of food, and I will feed him tonight.  I have also been to the pharmacy and bought a large box of antihistamines so when I do get a bit of horse time I won't get sick.  I have decided to no longer let my allergies 'run' my life - inspired by the fact an olympic rider, and Bart Cummings are allergic to horses and didn't let that stop them.

Oh, it's raining heavily now!  Yuck!

I also got an urge to knit.  Why?  Who would know.  I haven't knitted since I was about 10, and I wasn't very good at it then.  Don't think I knitted anything without a hole or two in it.  Anyway, I have begun knitting TJL a scarf.  Well what else is a beginner knitter going to attempt??!!

I am also beginning to take 'drastic' measures in my weigh loss journey (which you can follow here on Must. Lose. Weight)  This is definitely not a journey that I am enjoying, but does that really need to be said?  Probably not.

Ack!  I hate diets!

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KC said...

I hate diets too. I have never been able so successfully loose even a pound. I am pathetic that way.