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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Day trip to Palmy North

We took a day trip to Palmerston North today so TJL could drop his race car engine off to get checked (for wear etc, I don't really know, it's boy car stuff).  I totally forgot my camera, but there really wasn't anything to shoot anyway.

We stopped for Burg.er K.ing in Wanganui for lunch (TJL's choice, I wanted Sub.way), which, by the way, had an extremely sticky floor, totally nasty.  Anyway I got a BK Chicken Meal (regular), and I was full before I had even finished my chips!  Seriously!  You are talking about a girl who could eat a BK Chicken Meal Large with onion rings.  Oh how my stomach must be shrinking - YES!
More on my weight later.

We then got to Palmy, dropped of the engine, and came straight home.  Totally uneventful.  TJL had the privilege of being educated about some of my music.  First he got to listen to my A+++ compilation (the second CD), then we had Robbie Robertson, followed by Slackstring, and ending with Joe Satriani, at which point TJL had had quite enough of my music thank you very much, so we went back to the radio, that I scanned through repeatedly until I found Newstalk ZB

It was a nice, relaxing day out, and now TJL has gone out to rugby training, so I have the evening in peace 
*contented sigh*

The only hiccough was I forgot to shut the gate when we got home and our little Stella-Dog did a quick disappearing act.  Took  A LOT of calling until she showed up again.  It was a bit of a worry because, even though she doesn't usually go anywhere near the road, she is pitch black, and so is tonight, so it would be super easy for her to get hit by a car.  But she is home, all safe and sound.  TJL gave her a bit of a growling, but you can't do it too much otherwise she won't come when you call.  If she was a child you could explain why she was in trouble.  Oh well.

So I really should be doing an official weigh in, but I'm not geared up at the moment.  What on earth does that mean?  It means my original starting point was a lie, and I would have to go in and fix it.  Thing is, my old scales must have been weighing around 4kgs lighter than they should have been.  This meant, when I thought I was 87kgs I was actually 91!  So when I started and was 93kg, I was possibly 97!!!  I need to be 87 for IVF #2.  So two weeks ago, when the scales arrived, I was 90kgs, and now I am 89!  So my diet is working!  500g a week is good, as in it is definitely something I can keep up.  And 2kgs is so doable, provided the weight keeps disappearing, so I am a lot less stressed.

I have to say that I am doing it easy now.  I used to eat breakfast, snack (usually a biscuit, or 2), lunch, snack, snack (biscuit, biscuit), dinner, snack (biscuit)  (oh yeah biscuit = cookie)
Now I don't eat breakfast until around 9am, sees me through to lunch, 3-4pm snack (3-4 pieces of fruit - at the moment this is kiwifruit, feijoa, apple, and mandarine), dinner (a lot less that I used to eat), and maybe a hot chocolate and a biscuit.

I know it was really hard at the start, and I can't even think as to how I did it, just got really tough with myself I think.  Told myself NO!  You need to STOP!  And I really am not good at saying no to myself!

And I am not missing out.  When we went out for dinner I had full on ice-cream, fudge sauce dessert.  I have had the occasional ice-cream.  I have had the occasional fastfood/takeaways.  Even when I stayed at Mum and Dad's I binged out on fudge etc, but THIS TIME I jumped straight back onto the wagon, and I have stayed there.

Yay for me!

And on a more somber note, I know that places in the USA need a lot of rain right now, to fight fires and drought.   I pray that God delivers you all some rain very soon.

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babycrazykiwi said...

Its amazing what happens when you cut down on certain foods. I stopped drinking cans of lemonade, which I was only drinking once or twice per week, and lost a couple kgs. Well done...keep up the great work!