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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Joy

I have had such a wonderful Christmas.  Mostly.  Drove from Eltham to Waipukurau on Christmas Eve, to stay with my parents. The traffic was not too bad, in fact I was one of the faster vehicles on the road, and since I basically NEVER speed, thats saying something.  

Christmas Eve evening Mum, Dad and I went to my sisters place for 'drinks and nibbles'.  Apparently my BIL had invited a few people round, unfortunately not many people showed up (a combination of Christmas Eve and the general lax attitude of people these days).   Of the four others that did, we had a fantastic 'conversation and debate' with a gentleman from Auckland (okay he was born very rural in Onga Onga, but now lives in Auckland).  He was so much FUN!  Loved him a lot!  One of those people who love to debate without getting offensive OR offended.

Christmas Day was spent around at my sisters place again.  Twas all of us, plus BIL's mum and stepdad, our Uncle, Aunt, Cousin, Cousins partner and two kids.  So it was a house full.  I don't handle a lot of people very well, I am even worse now I am a huge fatty baloofa, so I shot hoops, watched a bit of ice hockey, jumped on the tramp, and generally hung with the kids and 'avoided' the adults - so grown up of me, I know.  I was brave enough (well lets just say HOT enough) to borrow my sisters swimsuit and have a long, delicious swim.  I forgot how much I love to swim.

 Christmas day kidlets hanging on the tramp - I am no where near as brave as G! 

Boxing Day kidlets, one wriggley C and one 'bolt once the photo is taken' T.  G was behaving for once. 

Tukituki River - one of my favourite rivers in the whole of NZ!

Boxing Day Mum, Dad and I walked the dogs down at the Tukituki River (as Mum and Dad do every day).  It sure is nice down there.  Then I went to the sisters place, again.  Shot hoops, bounced on the tramp, and had another wonderful swim.  I DO NOT FIT MY TOGS!  

God, please help me love myself enough to worship my body with healthy food instead of junk.  Please Lord, I want to be slim and fit.  And I need your help!  I definitely can not do it alone.  Help me to make good decisions in all that I do.  Amen

And that's about it.  Food, hoops, swims and tramp bounces, how great of a Christmas was this!  Only having a child, or children, of our own could make it better!

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