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Thursday, December 02, 2010

All gardened out

I spent quite a bit of time in the garden today, in fits and starts as it was so hot!  And I don't like it too hot, or too cold for that matter.  I'm temperature fussy I guess.

So all of the gardens are mostly weeded.  I have just a tiny section of the large garden to go, plus weeding around one shrub/tree thing.  They definitely look a lot better, well I think dirt looks a lot better than weeds anyway!  This evening I have planted 60 flower seedlings along the driveway garden.  I hope they bush out enough to fill it in.  Every year we have been here it has always looked patchy at best, so I hope I have done a better job this year.  I might need to buy a few more, but I won't be able to for a couple of weeks.  Of course, now seedlings are planted, the garden will actually get watered, and so the weeds are going to flourish!  It is such a never ending battle.  I wonder who the experts are who determined what is a 'weed' and what is a 'plant' in the first place?  Some weeds do have the most delightful flowers.

I have also potted a plant that I had to replace.  TJL's mother gave me a plant for my birthday, and we promptly killed it by lack of water.  I think I found the right one to replace it with, and I have potted and watered it promptly this time, so here's hoping I don't kill it again.  Of course TJL told his sister (my fault I asked him to ask her what the name of the plant was) so no doubt she will tell his Mum and I will be unpopular again.  They seem to like to share things that gets other people in trouble  *sigh*, and they 'care' - my family don't care so much about the little things.  Talk about being raised different!

On the edible front each time a raspberry has begun to go slightly pink, by the time we got back to check it out later in the day, it had disappeared, well the pink/red bits of it had.  Very neatly pecked away by the local sparrows no doubt!  Now we have got netting over the raspberry canes and strawberry plants, so try and get in there now my feathered friends!  Actually they can still get in there and the netting isn't completely fixed as yet, but soon, just you try and get in there my feathered friends!

Back to work tomorrow.  I really can not wait for the day TJL and I manage to get 'knocked' up so I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Please let my tubes be open, Lord!  It would mean so much to TJL and I if we can have a baby or 3.  In the meantime I appreciate having a job that pays well and really is not all THAT bad.


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