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Thursday, December 02, 2010

I have lazy follicles

So I had a day 14 cycle scan today, my first ever one.  It appears that I have lazy follicles.  Today they should have been around 20mm, my biggest were 9.  They get so far, then sit with me on the couch and do sweet f.a.  But its good to know.  My eggs etc are all fine.  Next step is to have the hysteriosomethingorother to see if my tubes are blocked (Dear Lord, please let my tubes be free and clear, I would really appreciate that).  And if they are fine then its off on a start of hormone treatments.  Dr FuFu (as TJL calls her) said that she will start me off on a low dose, and increase it until something happens.  This is to reduce the likelihood of a multiple birth.  Twins are fine, triplets and more are risky.  So here's hoping that I get to do the hysteriowhatsit this month.  Chances are I have to have it done over Christmas, and the place will be shut, hoping not, but I am prepared for this.  So saying I can have the hysteriothingamee in January, and that all is fine, then hopefully will start the hormones in February, and everything will be crossed!  Well everything EXCEPT the legs of course ... TMI ... I know.  I actually feel a lot more positive about things now.  Kicking myself for not organising myself, like, a YEAR ago.  But hey, wheels are finally in motion now.

Poor ill chicken had to be put down today.  She has been paralysed or something.  Her legs have not been working right.  Daily she got taken out of her private coop, and placed under the trees, and each night put back into her private coop.  The last couple of days see seemed to have stopped drinking and eating, so it was best to put her out of her misery.  Very sad!  I love my chickens, but you have to be 'cruel' to be kind unfortunately, and to have her suffering does not sit at all well with me.

The other chickens are fine.  They 'helped' me in the garden by ripping the leaves of the broccoli seedlings planted yesterday, and then following while I weeded the flower garden standing right over me to pounce with beaks and feet as I roused invertebrates from the soil.  They are so lucky they are cute AND have laid over 22 dozen eggs this summer so far (well two of them have, the other remaining two are old and retired ... lol).

The dog helped in the garden by having to be told 'LEAVE' the chickens around 600 million times, and then going into the vege garden, while chickens and I were in the flower garden, and trampling any seedling that got in her way.  She is so NOSEY!  Lucky she is so cute that she doesn't have to produce anything, as all she actually produces is chaos.

And so to bed!

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