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Saturday, June 26, 2010

I can never come up with decent titles

The after pictures. Still not super tidy, and not how I want it but way better than the ...

before pictures. Aside from a total mess, just not very open or inviting

Here I am today in my 'supermarket shopping' attire. Big stand out is that my hair really needs doing, plus I look like I am standing to attention.

Funny how while I am out walking I can think of so many things that I want to write here, and then when I get here I can't remember most of what it was. So I did walk twice today. The second walk was just the dog and I, so I decided to 'double' what we normally do. Usual walk is either to the back of the farm or up the hill. This afternoon we went up the hill, and then to the back of the farm, plus the two short side races. Stella dog gave me a few looks as if to say 'great how you are taking me on a longer walk mum, but did you have to pick the yuckiest, blowiest, rainy day to start?'
One of my goals in my first post, of this series, was to get my scrapbooking/office type room reorganised and tidied. I made a start today (as evidenced by the photos above). Its still not perfect, but a hell of a lot better than it was. Plus I have decided to sell my old computer desk (only worth about $20, but still, its better than nothing) and my ab-circle-pro as I have barely used it (as evidenced by my current weight and shape). I mean, I should use it, but I don't. It doesn't interest me (I know, its only 3 minutes a day, but blah, I just don't want toooooo! (insert child whine here which I am working on stopping)). So I might be able to get $250-$350 for it (I think it was $450 new - what was I thinking?). All of which will go to assist me in my financial goals. Speaking of which ...
Just watched the Suze Orman show. I must programme into my head when she is on, as she does motivate me. Once I have completed my IR3's I am going to grab all of my bank statements from the last year and see exactly where all my money is going. I know its going to hurt, and I am going to be terribly embarassed, but we 'can not change what we don't acknowledge' (thanks Oprah).
Otherwise I have been in a pretty good mood today. I didn't watch much TV (was going to try to watch none (aside from Suze Orman and The Barefoot Investor), but T had it on and I got sucked in a bit), read a few magazines, walked twice, tidied up, and I haven't been too snarley (a couple of occassions, but I am noticing myself and trying to stop). So I sure do hope I keep it up!

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