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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

New dog, and one of the chickens layed an egg!

Me and Zara, the 'new' dog. This photo is awful when enlarged, but I get an idea of what T gets to look at daily. Very shameful! But "I'm working on it"

I had a pretty awesome day today. Didn't sleep particularly well, due to Stella barking at goodness knows what, and I just don't seem to sleep well when I have to get up. Doesn't help that I am photographing over the weekend as well, so no hope of a sleep in then either. Roll on next Wednesday ... lol

My day began well, by putting away all of the dishes before I left. It actually makes me feel so much happier when I see the kitchen clean and tidy. I will begin working on the bathroom in the next day or so. Not that there are big tasks, just the vanity and toilet, and shower/bath of course. Work was good. I had a few more companions today so that was cool, but I still got to work on cheese all day, so that was nice to do. Plus I sold my computer desk for $20 so that is some clutter gone, and $20 in my pocket (make that savings!)

After work finished I met L's husband J outside the fire station and collected Zara. She is not the prettiest of dogs, yet! Unfortunately she is a matt of knots underneath. Plus she is quite nervous (which is totally understandable), so once she gets comfortable I am sure she will be a bunch of fun. Poor Stella was dying to play with her, but I think she was just too scared. We took her for a walk down the farm, on a leash of course, and a couple of times she made to bolt. I put my t.shirt in her kennel for the night, so she gets used to my smell, so hopefully that helps. After I locked them up I heard the odd bark, and I thought it was Zara as she is obviously still unsettled. Finally I looked out the window and Zara was in her kennel, and Stella was in her run barking at Zara (not madcap barking, just a couple of quiet woofs). Fingers crossed all goes well, that is for sure. I want to take her to the vet for her shots, and a general going over, and hopefully a trim of all of those knots, poor wee poochy. I hope she comes to realise that she will have an awesome life with us, compared to being left in her kennel and fed only for two weeks!

I just realised that I forgot to thank Trent for bringing the kennel over! Arghhh. I must remember to do so when he gets home from the speedway meeting. I have been working at becoming an excellent 'wife' again today. I did a small load of washing, which is now hanging up on the inside clothes airer. I cooked tea, and did the dishes, and well, I was going to make a pudding, but I just realised that we don't have enough milk. Oh well. I also remembered this morning, that Carrie Underwood sings kind of religious songs, so I put her CD on for my driving today, which was really uplifting and great. I will have a hunt around for some more religious music, as they really do uplift me (both words and tunes).

And one of the chickens finally laid an egg! Hooray!!

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