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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Managed my first jog - of sorts

Post run and shower. I think I might need to girly myself up a bit for T!

Have been doing extrememly well today. I have been fairly even tempered and pleasant, not perfect but I cannot think of what exactly I may have been grumpy about, except that T wanted Kings Soup Mix in the Bacon and Kumera soup that I made, and I didn't. However that was not a major issue. I even managed to not say anything to T when he mentioned that his sisters entire family were going out to the Mangamingi Dog Sale, all I said was, well, hey, its her choice. So that was great for me. Thinking before I spoke and I wasn't nasty or mean or judgemental. Also when T questioned my 'need' for crackers and cheese, I chose to ignore him rather than argue the point. I think that I may have to say, 'T, I know you are trying to be helpful but criticizing me for eating only makes me want to eat more, so I feel in control, rather than you'. I do have to come up with something he can do that will help me, but I just don't know what that is just yet. I so hate being noticed, but want to be noticed, if that makes sense. No wonder men have a hard time working women out!
I walked Stella twice again today. In the morning T and I took her up to the top of the hill, then right down to the back. This afternoon T went to work on his mini-sprint so Stella and I went for a quick drive out the back and went for an hour's walk along one of the very quiet roads. I walked all the way out, as it was up-hill for the majority, and then I jogged all the way back. On the way back we had to stop and put an opossum out of its misery, which was bloody awful but I am quite impressed that I was able to do it.
I am really enjoying womenlivingwell-courtney's blog. It is really helping me change my focus from so selfish, to thinking about what T might want and/or need and just being a better person, especially around the house. I feel I am beginning to make quite good progress.

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