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Saturday, June 28, 2008

The afternoon was fine

If anyone out there is a garden purist you may not want to see any images or read any notes. You have been warned ... lol. So I did manage to haul my ass out and do a wee bit of gardening. Bear in mind they are only half completed as I do plan to bark them to try and stop the weeds, once I can afford to get some bark. My photos are not brilliant photos as the sun appeared then disappeared then appeared etc. This is just feeble excuses, my photography is just not up to scratch these days and I really really need to work on it. So one of the gardens that I worked on is a 'rose garden' on the corner of my house. I currently have a layer of horse poop on it, which grows weeds really well. I have yet to horse poop any other garden, and I can do that easily as I have A LOT of horse poop, time is not always on my side however. The other garden is an oval shaped rose garden that had a couple of ground cover plants on it. One ground cover is nice in summer, the other I didn't like so much. I have dug both of them out in Micha style. This involves a dig and flip technique and we shall see if that works. They only took me about an hour of work, so thats not so bad. Got a bit of a sting off of some stinging nettle, but it wasn't a major. Im glad that I did manage a bit of gardening, finally. Will depend on my mothers reaction of course ... I did dig out quite a few bulbs, which are pretty, but also annoying for people who garden with forks, such as myself. I might get in big trouble for this. I can hide. I can hide very
well ... lol

Aside from my wee bit of gardening I did not achieve a heck of a lot else. I have done 4 loads of washing and did a bit of tidying. Fed the horses, and ate fairly healthy so YAY! But I am so hating my weight right now. I was quite bad last week food wise, which is not good after having a really good week the week before. Time to jump back onto the wagon I guess. And its time to get some kind of exercise regime going. If I am serious about losing 10kg I need to get serious with my food choices and my exercise. It is NOT that hard, just a bit of determination and control. That is all.

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