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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Did I achieve my latest goals

Eat healthy food only Pass, and I lost 1kg as well. Hooray!!
Drink water or hot lemon drinks (1 x milo per day) only Pass!
5km run x 4 Fail, big time, no exercise what-so-ever, aside from walking down to feed horses
20km or 1hr indoor bike trainer x 3 Fail
Wash face x 2 a day Pass
Blowdry hair and make-up for work and going out Pass
Vitamins every day Pass
Book in for a cut and colour Pass! And I had it done!
Research aerobics classes in Hastings and Waipuk Fail but I decided I couldn't afford it so it was a calculated fail

Work out exact debt total Fail
Budget for 12 June 2008 Pass
Stick to budget Fail, would have done but had to go to Taranaki for job interview

Apply for jobs in Taranaki Daily News Pass
Fonterra website Pass
Agriquality website Pass
Search agri-science websites/companies in Taranaki Pass
Taranaki jobs Pass
DoC Pass
Be positive, happy and helpful in current job Pass

Group email everyone on Hotmail and Xtra Pass
Update blogs at least once, with photos Pass
Bebo, Myspace and Facebook at least once Pass

Box up books for sale Fail
Tidy up ringbinders and photo albums Fail
Mow lawn Fail
Dig up vege garden Fail
Weed rose gardens Fail

Could have been better, could have been worse. The garden plans were for this weekend just gone but since I had to get to the Naki, they got shelved. Onward and upward next week ah!

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