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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

My long weekend

I had a fantastic time in Taranaki over the weekend. T played footy on Saturday, and we went to the aftermatch for a bit, then the pub, then got Indian takeaways and ate them at T's mothers place and watched the rugby. Sunday we just mucked around a bit. T's family came over for dinner (that would be Mum, Sis, Bro in law and 3 kidlets under 4) - chaos. It was good fun though and my roast dinner and dessert all turned out great (well the pumpkin didn't cook that well and my custard had lumps, but it was mostly good).

Monday was the big interview day. It went well I felt, but it all comes down to the other candidates and their experience so fingers are crossed thats for sure. I also had a quick 15 minute phone interview with Fonterra on Friday. It is an interview to see if they want to interview me face to face. They rang D at Napier yesterday apparently, and confusion reigned as Fonterra thought that I still worked their so D played along. Hopefully its not a major. The Zelam job would be fantastic for the interest factor, Fonterra would be great for the money, hours, and proximity to home ... time will tell as they say. I have so many things crossed

Im one giant knot

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