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Friday, June 13, 2008

Just when you have a whinge ...

... 'life' does something to put your life totally in perspective.
So I was at my folks place last night, having an argument that ended in tears because I am quite stressed out at the moment, with trying to find a new job and a lack of funds thanks to the high cost of diesel amongst other things. I said 'I hate my life' ... which I don't really, I just wasn't happy in that moment. So I went home, watched TV, felt sorry for myself, and went to bed.

Got a phone call at 7.20am and was told that my sisters garage and office had burnt 'down' over night. My sister and her family were not home, and it didn't spread to their house and they have insurance but they still lost a lot of stuff. Turns out it was arson, some punk-ass, chickenshit, piece of crap, no doubt about it. Police have leads so I'm pretty sure they will get them. Fortunately, or not, the dumb-asses stole a shotgun meaning that the cops will take it extremely seriously and they were working very hard today at locating the ass-wipe that they suspect did it. No friggen excuses, and if they come anywhere near me Im going to kick their arse, no hesitation! Selfish little bastards. The picture is of my 4 year old neices bike. Apparently she was upset but was told that no lives were lost, the house wasn't touched, and she can get a new bike, and by the end of the day she was quite over the excitement of it all.

On the upside I had my haircut today. I really like it. Im going to stick a picture up. I am working very hard at improving myself with wearing make-up, jewellery, a new haircut, and a more intensive beauty cleaning regime, plus a healthy eating plan that I have actually stuck to for 6 days so far! I usually cheat, you know, 1 cookie here, 1 slice there, coke zero, now THAT doesn't count ... Well it does because for the first 2 weeks I lost nothing, this week I have lost a kilo, so YAY ME! And each time I get tempted I tell myself I have gone 6 days eating healthy, don't ruin it NOW!

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