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Friday, July 18, 2008

Dang weather

Well the awesome news is that I got the job with Fonterra at Whareroa, so in two weeks time I am moving to Eltham to live with my Naki boy. Now I'm scared, new job and the whole moving in thing sounded fantastic when talking about it, but now its all happening I'm a lot nervous. Which is a good thing, and totally normal! I go from 'I can't wait' to 'Can I do it all in time?' ... lol

Winter flowers under one of my trees

So, yeah, I have two weeks to pack and tidy and clean my house, and get it rented so I can then shift all of my stuff and start my new life. The garden needs a serious makeover, and it's bloody raining, so that is off the cards today. Bit gutting but I did manage to deadhead the Agapanthus and a few rose bushes. I got interrupted deadheading the roses, first by a neighbour (which was cool) and then my folks (which was also cool), at which point it then began to rain so I had to come inside. Now I would be able to pack up inside, if I had anymore boxes, but I don't, so I'm hanging out online, watching TV and waiting for quick breaks in the weather so I can head outside and finish the roses I started, and maybe get a quick bit of weeding done. The cool thing is my Mum said that she was going to get in a load of bark, which is what I wanted to get my gardens finished. Plus Mum and Dad are going to spend next week here working on the gardens, so that is very cool of them, and greatly appreciated. As a big thank you to them I am going to SAVE money from now on. Be very careful about putting a sum away for a rainly day. I will also pay them back of course, that goes without saying for me. But the best gift I can give them is to get real with my cash handling skills. I wonder what it is about me that means I spend more than I earn. I know that this is a society problem, ie I'm not the only person like that, but I wonder what it is specifically about me that needs to spend money on 'stuff' that I don't need.

Before deadheading Hydrangas

I had Thursday off work so I can work for Carly on Sunday (so Carly can go and race) so Thursday I decided to tackle my Hydrangas. The above is the before picture. My house roof needs painting (saving object number 1!) and the shot looks a little dark, but I think that it may be mostly my computer. Anyway they look quite bushy with LOTS of dead flower heads, now ...

After deadheading Hydrangas

this is how the garden finished up. I deadheaded both Hydranga bushes (I'm pretty sure I am not spelling that correctly) and I weeded the garden on the right hand side. I got hit by rain on this day as well, but hey, a bit at a time will get it all done, ay?!

So tonight I'm off to my sisters for tea. Mumsie and Dadsie are going to pick me up on their way past. Wonder what shes got cookin .....

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