"Worrying about tomorrow means that you are missing some of today" Corey Allan of Simple Marriage

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Too much TV, not enough chores

I slacked off a bit, well alot, today. Watched a wee bit too much tv, thus didn't achieve the completion of many chores. I did get three loads of washing washed and dried, well mostly dried, I have it sitting in front of the fire to ensure it gets totally dried before I fold it up and put it away. I also fed and groomed the horses, supermarket shopped, tidied up my dining table, cleaned the toilet, and tidied up my rubbish as something had gotten into it and it was all over the floor of the outdoor shed.

I wish I had tidied up the clothes in my bedroom and done some gardening, but I will get the bedroom done during the week, and heck, the garden has waited 12 months already, 2 more weeks won't matter.

I have made a decision with my garden however, and that is to put wet newspaper down and cover with bark chips to stop the weeds. This should be a nice and easy way to tidy them up quickly and easily without weeding beforehand. It will also tie all of the gardens together by having the common theme of bark. Once it is done it will then mean that it is an easy maintainance garden as the weeds will be supressed, and ones that do come through should be fairly weak and easy to pull. I shall do an online search shortly to see how much bark costs exactly, so I can get some and then get stuck into it. Doesn't all have to be done at once, but sooner rather than later would be good so I can get this place rented out!

I have been eating very well all this week, thats 7 DAYS! I actually enjoyed my supermarket shop today. I did a brief shop yesterday and was sooooo tempted by chocolate but didn't buy any. Today I was so focused on the prices of everything and getting what I needed to get I didn't even look at the candy at the entrance to the checkout. Fantastic progress!

Since I was taking photos of the horses today I decided to snap a shot of my wee staffy dog Docs. She's nearly 12 years old now, and deaf, but she is still a cutie. She lives with the folks, cause they are far more stable in their living arrangements that I am.

And now off to find the cost of bark .....

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