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Sunday, June 08, 2008

So what did I get up to lately

Just got back from Taranaki, and I'm off work sick today - which sux! I don't enjoy being ill. Its only a cold, but enough to make me feel miserable and not very happy.

I had an interview with Agriculture ITO on Friday. I had to take a couple of days off of work to attend the interview. I so don't know whether to tell my current boss Im searching for a new job in Taranaki so I can live with Trent. Most people have told me to not say anything but I feel like such a lier, arghhhh, its totally stressing me out. The interview itself went 'mixed' as I tell everyone. I felt I was good with the questions about myself, but terrible on the questions about the company. I knew I should have researched them! And Im not too sure where the role could take me, where I wanted the role to take me. I will find out whether I got the job on Wednesday, but Im not holding my breath.

Trent played rugger on Saturday, and I had my better lens so they turned out better than the last ones I took. This is just a brief shot of him waiting for some action. I adore him, which is rather weird for me as Im usually quite independent and weary. He just thinks Im crazy ...
So I spent the weekend with my man, helping feed out, milk, and we got a couple of pigs too. Ok so he does the majority of the work and I do my best to learn what it is I need to do. The pigs are very cool. We have called them Rosco and Enos after the cops on Dukes of Hazzard. One is for Rog and June (Trent's bosses) and one is for us. I was so excited! We also bought and 'built' an office desk and rollaway and chair, so now he has a nice little set-up office. So I cried when I left - big girl that I am. Trent just thinks Im crazy ... hahaha

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