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Saturday, June 28, 2008

One day off and its wet and nasty

I only have sunday off this week, and typically its wet and nasty. It had to come since the rest of the country has had really bad weather and we haven't, but still, booooooo! Great excuse for lazing inside but I did want to do some gardening and take some photos, but never mind.

Went to Liz and Jamies last night for Uncle B's birthday. It was great fun, though both of my neices (aren't they so cute) ended up in tears, both from falling off of me being a donkey (well I thought I was a horse, Kayla said I was a donkey, gee, thanks .... lol). As per usual I spent more time with the three kidlets rather than with the adults, but I tend to find in a room full of 7 adults one never gets much of a chance to say anything anyway ... lol

The coat I bought Docs is way too big, so hopefully I can get it swapped at Saddlery Warehouse when I am next in Taranaki.

I have another job interview, this time with Fonterra, so rock on. I really want to work for them as they are such a big company, and thus will have lots of opportunities for me to progress through the ranks, I hope.

Well the fire is roaring, and I have about 5 loads of washing to get done today, thank heaven's for owning a dryer ... the ONE thing I can take to Trents when I shift as he doesn't have one, everything else we have two of ... lol

I can not wait to shift over there .... bring it on!

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