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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Hello Sunny Cairns

We finally made it to Cairns for our 7 night get-away.  Now, that makes it sound like an arduous trip, and it wasn't, but it was still a bit of a haul.

We left lil' ol' Eltham yesterday at 10am, and headed to Wazza's so he could drop us off at New Plymouth Airport, for our flight to Auck's.  At this stage I just kept on sniffling with the odd sneeze, and I started to worry that I was getting 'sick'.  The flight to Auck's was pretty good, just over half an hour, but we could NOT find a 'free' phone to ring the hotel, so I just used my cell-phone, and we were picked up pretty promptly and taken to Jet Park for the night.  At Jet Park my nose really went to town, and I was not feeling to sh*t hot!  I ended up falling asleep and then TJL had to wake me up at 6.25pm as our dinner reservation was for 6.30pm.  Dinner was not great in the sense my nose continued to run and I continued to sneeze.  I really could not enjoy myself, which was disappointing as the food was DIVINE!  I had pork with kumara mash, I have no idea what they did to those Kumara's but YUMMY!

We had to have an early night as we had to back at the airport at 4.50am, which involved a 4am getup!  I am so glad we are dairy farmers and used to being up at that time (the 4.50am at least).  Best news was that my nose was much better today, although I felt pretty sick first thing, by the time we boarded our flight at 6.15am I was feeling right as rain.  The flight (just under 6 hours) was totally uneventful.  Watched a couple of movies, played a bit of 'Who wants to be a Millionaire' and 'Black Jack', and then we landed in Sunny Cairns!

The airport terminal was quite a bit smaller than Aucklands, which surprised me a bit.  We found the shuttle guy easily, and are now ensconced in our unit.  Which is pretty nice.  Did have potato chips, a chocolate bar, and lemonade for lunch though ... whoops.  But the resort restaurant doesn't open for lunch so we were kind of limited in our choices.

And now we are blobbing until tea time, and then tomorrow, when we will head off on an explore.

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