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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Cairns Day 3

Got up at about 5.45am this morning, just the time I woke up naturally.  We were all ready to head off on our tour by 6.40am, so we decided to walk rather than Taxi into town to get to the Marina, which we had to be at by 8.00am.  We got there by 7.30am, which was excellent, and we now know how long it takes to get to town!

To begin with we thought it was going to be a fairly 'light' trip as far as people were concerned.  We were wrong.  A bus load, or four, of American Students rocked on up and boarded, and proceeded to talk, and talk, and talk ... lol.  Actually they were all pretty great.  All seemed to get along fine, and were excited, and friendly, and the majority were fine looking females so TJL had plenty of bikini clad attractive girls to look at.   We departed the Marina at around 9am, and got out to Great Barrier Reef at about 11am, to Michaelmas Cay.

We got on the second boat to Michaelmas Cay and snorkeled straight out to the reef.  It was AWESOME.  Hopefully we got some photos on the disposable camera, as it was just a point and hope you got the shot situation.  Will find out when we get back home and get it developed as to whether we have anything or not.  Fingers crossed!!  I snorkeled for a long time, quite a bit longer than TJL, but even though I wanted to keep going I thought I should go and see if he wanted to go back to the boat for lunch, he did, so we did, and since I was now dry I couldn't be bothered heading back out to Michaelmas Cay for more snorkeling, which I kinda regret, but too late now!  Considering it was something I wasn't fussed about doing, MAN it was FUN!

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