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Monday, June 27, 2011

Back to life, back to reality

So this is where we were last week.  *sigh*  Funny how it now seems so long ago, and we have only been home 1 day!  What a great, sunfilled, fairly relaxing trip.  Such a shame it is all over.

This is part of the Cairns Botanic Gardens.  The gardens were HUGE, with fantastic walking trails.  I didn't see a crocodile in this water but I think that the odd one has been seen.  I figured that crocs would be everywhere, so was super cautious ... hahaha

The scenic railway to Kuranda was a must do.  Especially if you love trains, as I do!  We came back on the Sky Rail, which was not so great as I don't like heights very much at all.  Well worth doing, but I won't do it again, much rather come back on the train.  Of course, if we go back to Cairns on holiday, chances are I will have forgotten how scared I was on the Sky Rail, and travel on it again, only to be reminded why I didn't like it the first time - very similar to my Dr Pepper experiences.

Scary, grip the seat kinda stuff - well for me anyway.  TJL had to take gondola photos, I was hanging onto the seat and breathing.

We did a wee boat trip on a lake, that contained this wonderful, chubby, eel.  I quite like eels.  There also were terapins (turtles that swim dog paddle rather than breaststroke, I think thats what the guide said).  I love turtles.

One of the many wonderful waterfalls we were taken to.  If we had known we would have taken our togs for a swim, even though our guide said it was FREEZING cold.  Freezing cold in North Australia is not THAT cold, definitely swum in cooler waters in snow fed New Zealand rivers.

Our final visit was to a Spanish Castle.  Such a tragic story, and a lot of it has 'fallen' down due to cyclones and floods.  A Spanish man moved to Australia to make his fortune, 11 years later he made his fortune and returned to Spain to marry the woman he promised he would.  He hadn't written so she had married another 3 years earlier, so he married her sister.  Moved back to Australia and built her this castle, which was just amazing considering he did most of it himself in a very short time span.  And there is more, but you can read that here - Paronella Park.

Then today it was back to work.  Yeah.  I do believe that TJL is 'happy' for me to resign in three months time and I can become the housewife extrordinaire that I have always wanted to be.  I  CAN'T  WAIT!

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Stephanie said...

Those are amazing pictures! It looks like you had such a wonderful time. Sorry you have to go back to real life after such a relaxing vacation.