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Monday, June 20, 2011

Cairns Day 2

Can't remember where I got up to yesterday, how typical is that??!!  Anyhow we walked into the city yesterday.  Took us about an hour or so and we walked along an 'internal' road, so found an IGA Supermarket, and a cool looking bike shop, amongst other things.  And it was jolly hot!  So we stopped for a bottle of water, and TJL got a sorbet.  We found the 'beach', which was tidal mudflat with sand dumped in certain places.  Tide was out, way, way, way out.  And we also discovered an AWESOME walkway right along the waterfront, which essentially took us right back to within a block of our resort.

We then proceeded to fall asleep, and failed to wake up until after 9pm, when the restaurant was closed, luckily I wasn't hungry so just went back to sleep.  Not too sure about TJL, he didn't go and get himself anything so I figure he wasn't that hungry either.

Woke up this morning pretty early, and went over to the restaurant for breakfast.  It was ok, not really worth the $9, so we bought our own breakfast stuff today to save us a bit of money.

We walked back into town today (via the coast as it was far nicer than the street walk), and booked activities for the rest of the week.  Tomorrow is Great Barrier Reef, Thursday we are going out to Kuranda to do the railway and skyrail thingee, and Friday we are heading out to the tablelands, to see waterfalls and some giant castle thing.  We also did a wee bit of shopping, involving Jandals, Beach Towels, a hat, underwater disposable camera, and then some foodstuffs from the IGA.  Spent far too much money, but hey, thats what holidays are for.

Had a really nice pizza lunch at a waterfront restaurant, and went to the local art gallery - loved Alex Platt's work.  Tonight we had dinner at the resort restaurant.  Was pretty disappointed really.  Certainly wasn't brilliant.  Wasn't bad, just plain.

So it will be an early night tonight as we have a bit of an early start in the morning (not too early though).

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