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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Cairns day 4

We had a 'rest' day today.  Got up at 6amish, mucked around until about 8.30am, when we headed off to the Botanic Gardens.  They were pretty cool, and HUGE.  Took a ton of photos, but can't download/upload as I forgot the cable for that camera ... doh.  Part of the walk was SUPPOSED to be around the Gondwana Garden.  Unfortunately half way round I decided that the way to go was to follow 'everyone else'.  Big mistake, BIG.  Following everyone else meant we were on the 'Red Track', which thankfully only went for 1.2km, 600M of which was UP!  UP I tell you.  Now Im a bit of a porker, but had been feeling pretty good about myself having walked the 45 minutes into town and back over the previous 3 days.  That was NOTHING!  Nothing I tell you!  But I am glad we did it, hopefully it will knock a bit of fat off of me.

We then walked into a small village and finally managed to find the 'Flying Doctor Service', where I had to take a photo, solely because of the 1980's programme.  TJL had moaned up a storm getting there, and it wasn't that far, seriously!

We then had lunch at the Botanic Gardens Cafe.  Chicken, mushroom, spinach filo.  DELICIOUS!!  Best food we have had so far.

And that was it.  Spent the rest of the day at the resort.  Walked to the shops for an icecream, and then back again to get Pizza for tea (nice Pizza too).

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