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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I'm baaaack

Seems like a long time, no blog, and it has been on this site, but I do have some from my myspace page. I might try and copy and paste them over to get some continuity of sorts. So I think I shall expand the topic of this blog to include my house (needs work), my finances and career (need work), and my training (definitley needs work). Like everyone else I have much to do and what feels like little time to do it. Being Winter at the moment time does feel short. I get up at 5.30am (dark), feed horses (about to be another seperate blog), go to work, come home, feed horses (dark), feed myself (not as well as horses), go to bed. And every other weekend I drive to Taranaki to see my Naki Boy. Hopefully the career section will soon include 'shift to Taranaki' where I shall find more time to work on my life.


I completed the Coast to Coast in February 2008. Since then I have not done a single ounce of training. I had a sore right leg that I figured would come right eventually. It didn't. So off to physio I went, thankfully ACC still covered it despite the injury occuring 2+ months ago. Now it appears to be healed and I NEED to get back out there, but its winter, and its dark, and its cold so Im procrastinating. If I blog this at least weekly I hopefully will get inspired to resume training, either that or Im going to balloon into a ginormous white marshmellow woman. I also need to remember that I love the events, its just the training I whinge about.


I bought my house nearly 1 year ago. It was not my first choice of house, or even my second or third come to think of it, but I had been searching for 2 or so years and so it felt like either now or never. Its a fairly old house, between 1900 and 1920 or something, can not remember. The exact records no longer exist thanks to the huge 1931 earthquake that makes Hawke's Bay, and moreso Napier, famous for Art Deco architecture. It is an old shepherds house and needs a major remodel, but time and money will see to that. At present it just needs a bloody good clean and tidy, and the garden definitely needs a spruce up and weed. These things I can do without money, just need to get off my lazy ass, set myself some tasks to acomplish and go from there. Oh and it is located about 250M from a railway - just reminded by a train going past. The house doesn't shake but you can hear the trains clear as day. Luckily there are not many going past these days, I like trains, and I sleep like the dead. My little cottage is on 1 acre, with 3 of my parents sheep. I graze their sheep, they graze my horses. I win ... lol. And speaking of parents, they actually own half, I COULD NOT afford this place on my own, so I owe them A LOT.


My finances need a tidy up (understatement). I have a terrible habit of buying magazines, junk food (also does not help with training) and then scraping to pay my bills, and eating at my folks or my sisters. I DO get all of my bills paid, but I DON'T have anything saved for a rainy day, or even a mildly cloudy one. My finances DO need to get sorted. I have tried this many a time, never tried to blog about it though, maybe THIS will be my saving grace rather than Naki Boy having to be it.

My career, or lack of it, is a great disappointment to me. Why have I never had a career, why have I always had jobs? I think part of it is due to the fact that I always NEED to get a job so I have money to live, of course. I also think a MAJOR part of it is that I just don't have the strength of belief in myself. I have a degree in Science, major in Conservation and Ecology. I am bright and clever and intelligent. Why am I working in, what is essentially, retail? Time to change, and this is why I am shifting to the Naki WHEN I have a career job, not just any job. Too many times have I taken the job because I needed it and then stay their because Im 'comfortable', I may be bored but I am comfortable. I want the career so I can begin to earn more money, the money I deserve, so Im not struggling with the pittance I am on, increased food and petrol prices do NOT help. Don't get me wrong, I AM grateful for the job I have, but I am capable of so much more.

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