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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Before pictures

So I decided to take 2 before photos of myself. I think I should print them out and stick them over my entire house as what I really want for tea is fish n chips and coke, but I won't. Its only day 1 and Im already waivering. Dear oh dear.


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The before pictures

My weight at this stage is 75kg. 10kg to lose.

I can not believe that my chin goes down to my neck on an angle like that! Well lack of chin. Lol. Then the next problem is the tummy and rolls - ewwwwwww. And my hair! What on earth can I do with that hair?

So I achieved a 5km jog this morning. Great start, but then again day 1 is easy, well thinking about starting is easy, day 1 you hopefully still have some motivation going rather than oh one more day won't hurt I'll start tomorrow. But as with everything its going to be time that will tell.

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