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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

General gobble-de-gook and goals for 29 May 2008 to 04 June 2008

I am so much happier now my house is tidy. Sure there is still the odd pocket that needs a spruce up, but it is 1000 million times better! Im a happy chappy thats for sure. Now the cleaning of the house, and tidying of the garden needs to happen.

Had a quick lunch with Rae today. It was good. We had kebabs. Rae is all good. Busy at work and stuff, just got back from Cains, and is off to Melbourne in a fortnight. Lucky for some!

Health and fitness is going well. Managed to run x 3, but only one cycle. I'm feeling good though, and eating fairly well, so thats good. No weight loss as yet, might have gained 1kg, but it is 'that time of the month' now so I usually gain a kg or 2 so I'm hoping thats it.

So goals for 29 May 2008 to 04 June 2008

5km run x 3
20km or 1hr indoor bike trainer x 2
Wash face x 2
Blowdry hair and make-up for work and going out
Vitamins every day

Work out exact debt total
Budget for 11 June 2008

Fonterra website
Agriquality website
Search agri-science websites/companies in Taranaki
Taranaki jobs
Be positive, happy and helpful in current job

Group email everyone on Hotmail and Xtra
Update blogs at least once, with photos
Bebo, Myspace and Facebook at least once
Take divorce papers into courthouse

Box up books for sale
Tidy up ringbinders and photo albums

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