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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Before and afters of inside house

Today was about day 6 of rain, and that means it rained for everyday off my 4 days off. Thus today I finally got off my ass and tidied my house. Here are the before and after shots. Hopefully I shall now keep my house this way as it will be far more relaxing and far less stressful. I might even start CLEANING since I no longer have to do much tidying!

My lounge, by far the toughest area, and still needs a lot of work, but its a start. I have a lot of sports equipement that I need to find room for, including my horse gear. See the saddles on the couch, bike in full view obviously, and the boxes stacked behind the computer from the dining room.

My dining area, not that I ever dine here, except for breakfast. My sports equipment used to be stacked behind the table under the window. Its now stacked in the lounge, behind the computer under the window ... lol

My bedroom. Where oh where did I get all of my caps from? Im not so sure about the crochet rug, but my nana made it for me so its ok where it is for now. Probably can not tell too much difference but I did pick up a little and tidied the tops of my dressers.

The spare bedroom, the easiest to be done as I only had to put the duvet onto the 'naked bed' that I just hadn't gotten around to doing since my last house guest.

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