"Worrying about tomorrow means that you are missing some of today" Corey Allan of Simple Marriage

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Did I achieve ANY of my goals .... lets see

5km jog x 3 Pass! Hooray!
20km bike x 2, or indoor trainer for 1hr Fail! Boo! I only did 1 session
1hr kayak x 1 Fail! Too wet and too poor (50km drive to river)
Wash face x 2 a day (simple for most I know, but I only indulge once a day at present!) Pass!
Vitamins every day Fail! Forgot about this one
Blowdry hair and makeup for work days Pass!!! Hooray

Budget for next 2 pays (4 weeks) Pass!! Wasn't that hard
Write down exact debt total Fail! Totally forgot

Research Agriculture ITO as mentioned by Naki Boy Pass! I applied and everything
Fonterra job site Pass! Checking it regularly
Research other dairy/science industries in the area Pass! I found Zelam & applied for job there
Be positive, happy and friendly at current job Pass! My attitude is a lot better but can still improve

Keep blogs updated at least weekly Pass! Need to take more photos though
Meet with Rae for lunch Pass! Had lunch today with Rae
Email friends, Bebo, Facebook, Myspace Pass! Checking all 3 regularly

Additionally I forgot to include House and Garden. I didn't set any goals but I got my entire house tidied up, as evidenced by my previous post so PASS!!!!!

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